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How to Blend Coloured Pencil with Solvent

One of my favourite methods for blending coloured pencils is using solvent. If your fed up with grainy, dull drawings I recommend giving this technique a go. It will turn drab drawings into vibrant looking paintings!

What you will need

As well as your coloured pencils and paper you will need some extras for this technique.

- Solvent. You can use paint thinner, odourless mineral spirit, rubbing alcohol or even nail polish remover! I use the Zest it pencil blend.

- A paintbrush. I recommend filbert brushes as they are sturdy. If you don't have a suitable paintbrush you can use a cotton bud.

Tip: When using solvent for blending pick a paper that is designed to handle wet mediums. I like using hot pressed watercolour paper for my drawings.

How it works

1) Start by building up layers of shading using your coloured pencils. Make sure you have layered enough pigment on each area before blending with the solvent, otherwise your result won't be as smooth.

2) Then add a small amount of solvent on your brush or cotton bud (dabbing off excess on a bit of tissue.) Blend out your shading, working from the lightest to the darkest areas. Wait for the solvent to dry.

3) Finally, use your coloured pencils to build up details and add definition to your drawing. Your final result should be rich in colour and there shouldn't be any graininess in sight!

Check out the video tutorial to see this technique in action!

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