• Kirsty Partridge

8 Motivation Tips for Artists

We all go through life feeling unmotivated and uninspired towards certain things, and art is no exception. I thought I would give you guys some tips and how to regain your motivation and love for art.

I believe there are 3 big reasons why you might be feeling unmotivated;

· Lack of confidence in yourself

· You have run out of inspiration

· You’re not happy with what you are creating and have no ‘art identity’.

Every artist is different, so there may be something else bothering you. It’s really important to sit down and think about the cause of your motivation issues so that you can address them.

Tip 1; don’t compare yourself to other artists, as this can cause a lack of confidence. Rather than thinking ‘I’m not as good as them’, try to think, ‘I’m going to aim to become that good’. Use them as a positive inspiration. If they can get there, why can’t you?

Tip 2; Focus on improving your skills. It can be stressful trying to think of new, creative ideas for things to draw. This can be a big cause of feeling unmotivated. Instead, just spend some time practicing your techniques. It doesn't even matter what you choose to draw because the purpose of this exercise is just to strengthen your skills.

Tip 3; set art goals that excite you. Whether it's a little goal or a big goal, set a goal that motivates you and makes you eager to pick up your art supplies!

Tip 4; have dedicated time for creating. You are more likely to do something if you have set aside time specifically for completing it. It doesn’t have to be a long period of time, but even half an hour a day is great!

Tip 5; find inspiration. It can come from anywhere! Look at your favourite artists on social media, or even take a walk through nature. Get those creative juices flowing!

Tip 6; experiment more. Bored of using the same medium all of the time? Maybe it is time to try another one. This is a great way to spark motivation!

Tip 7; doing too many things? This can be overwhelming. Work on one thing and perfect that and gain confidence from perfecting that. You may be feeling unmotivated if you feel unconfident about your art skills. It might be time for a confidence boost!

Tip 8; try some challenges, with absolutely no expectations. This is so fun! Just try a random medium and go crazy (you’ll be amazed at how well some things turn out). Remember doing that as a kid? It’s amazing!

A great way to improve motivation is to tackle some fun art projects. Over on my Patreon, you can get over 300 real-time drawing and painting tutorials for as little as $5 per month!

I hope this has helped you regain some motivation so you can attack your art with vigor again.

You can watch the video below, for a more in-depth look at motivation:


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