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5 Must Have Drawing Supplies for Graphite Artists

I’m going to take you through my must-have drawing supplies for graphite drawing! As well as how and when to use them. You can follow along in real-time to the example hair study I did to showcase these tools here. Let’s get into it.

Supply 1- Mechanical Pencil

I really recommend everyone getting themselves one of these. Mechanical pencils are great as there’s no need to sharpen them and they are awesome for drawing details. If you run out of lead you can simply buy little boxes of refills unlike throwing a regular pencil away.

You can get variations and differences in pencil grades. I love using a 2B mechanical pencil for my drawings!

Supply 2- Darker Graphite

It’s important not to just use one pencil for your whole drawing. Try using different values. I like to use a 4B pencil to add some darker shadows and create some contrast. Beginners tend to just use a HB pencil all the way through their drawing, thus missing out on shadows and realism.

Supply 3- Blending Stump

These are cheap and easily affordable, which is great because they blend graphite pencil amazingly well. They help get rid of all of the graininess in your drawing and give really smooth results. You can use your blending stump to add value to your highlights – by transferring graphite from your darker shadows to the highlighted areas (not too much though!).

Supply 4- Black Polychromos

This is a colored pencil, which you might think is a little strange with graphite. I thought so too but was surprised at how well they work together. It gets those really dark values without the shine of an 8B pencil for example. Here I use it for the darkest parts of the bun and hairstyle. Even better, you can use the blending stump to also blend this pencil out beautifully!

Supply 5- Stick Eraser

I love using a Tombow Mono Eraser for my graphite drawings. As it is so small it’s great for any little highlighted details you are after, and it just lifts off the graphite pencil so easily. It really can add that extra something to hair and fur, helping with anything from highlights to little flyaway hairs.

There are many more ways to improve your graphite drawings. Check out all of my graphite tutorials here.

To see these supplies in action, watch the video below:

Materials used:

Mechanical Pencil Faber Castell 0.5mm: http://geni.us/FaberCastellMechanical

2B Refill Lead: http://geni.us/Refilllead

Faber Castell 9000 Graphite Pencils: http://geni.us/FaberCastell9000

Blending Stumps: http://geni.us/Tortillion

Black Polychromos Pencil: http://geni.us/Blackpolychromos

Tombow Mono Eraser: http://geni.us/TombowMonoEraser

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