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10 Watercolour Hacks You Need to Try!

Want to level up your watercolour game? Here are 10 fun watercolour hacks that will help you to improve your paintings!

10 Watercolour Hacks

Hack 1: Using an iron to fix warped watercolour paper. To flatten out watercolour paintings place your painting upside down on an ironing board, cover with a cloth and iron over it (on a low setting) for a couple of minutes.

Hack 2: Using a sponge for adding trees/ foliage. Take a dry sponge ( like a washing up sponge) and dip it into your watercolour paint. Then simply tap the sponge onto your paper to create different expressive foliage patterns.

Tip: Squeeze out excess paint from your sponge to make sure you get tiny details for your foliage.

Hack 3: Using soap with paintbrushes when using masking fluid. Before dipping your paintbrush into masking fluid rub it on a bar of soap to create a slippy barrier. This helps protect the paintbrush and makes it really easy to remove the masking fluid. No more ruined paintbrushes!

Hack 4: Adding highlights to dry watercolour washes. You can lift up dry watercolour paint using a clean damp brush. To reveal highlights go over the area of watercolour you want to lift up with a clean, damp brush and then lift up the paint with some tissue.

Hack 5: Using scrap paper. Have you got a load of paper ends from where you have had to trim your sheets down to size. Well don't throw them away! They are great to use for painting swatches, testing colours or even experimenting with new techniques.

Hack 6: Using binder clips. Painting outside can be fun and relaxing. However, one thing that is not fun is the wind blowing your sketchbook pages. Use binder clips to hold down your sketchbook pages and avoid a frustrating painting section.

Hack 7: Easily remove ink bottle lids. Ink bottle caps can sometimes be impossible to remove. If you are struggling to open your bottle of ink put it in some hot water for a few minutes and it should be super easy to open!

Hack 8: Removing tape without tearing your paper. To prevent your tape from ripping your watercolour paper pull it at an angle that is away from the painting. Also, make sure you pull it very slowly!

Hack 9: Using a heat tool when removing tape. To make it even easier to remove the tape first go over the tape for a few minutes with a heat tool (I use a hairdryer.)

Hack 10: Using a tea towel to remove masking fluid. Using your fingers to remove a lot of masking fluid can make them quite sore. However, using a tea towel instead (or any cloth that has a bumpy texture) it a lot more effective at removing masking fluid. It is faster, easier and removes all traces of the masking fluid.

Check out the video version to see these hacks in action!

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